Massage Therapy


Need a “REAL” massage?

Here at Body* Mind* Spirit* we have the best Therapists in the industry. Communication and integrity are demonstrated with each session. No “factory” mentality here, just a peaceful haven and a staff with your health and best interest in mind!

Like the earth, the body is an ecosystem in need of care and balancing. The human body reacts to stress by protectively tightening its muscles. Often, we are unaware of this tension until it creates headaches, low back pain, insomnia or fatigue. Using advanced techniques, stretching and varying pressures, our therapists here work with you on an individual basis to restore balance. Listening with the hands, a Massage Therapist is sensitive to areas of pain and tension and can confidently address those areas of concern with skill. This can help bring into your conscious awareness the reasons behind your body’s discomfort and fatigue- -muscles then relax, toxins release, emotional well-being arises. Oxygen intake increases and internal organs are rested during a massage. With time, your muscles will remember and return to their original state of peace.

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